Dr Gergana Peeva

Obstetrician & Fetal Medicine Specialist

Pregnancy, Birth & Ultrasound

Dr Gergana Peeva leads a private practice based in London which is dedicated to empowering and supporting women throughout their pregnancy journey as well as to providing a comprehensive fetal medicine expertise.

Private Maternity Care

I support women at all stages of their pregnancy by offering advice and pregnancy consultations, ultrasound examinations and comprehensive maternity care packages. I believe in individualised care that suit the needs and expectation of each patient. 


Together in your pregnancy journey

My name is Gergana Peeva and I am a consultant in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Fetal Medicine. Throughout my career I have had the honour and the joy to be part of many pregnancy journeys: from the very beginning with the first scan to the happy end of the first baby cry. I love my profession and I am passionate about promoting positive and unforgettable experience throughout the whole pregnancy. My aim is to ensure an evidence based, patient centred and compassionate care, which is safely tailored to the needs and expectations of every mother-to-be.


Dr. Peeva is an amazing lovely doctor!! she has got such good gentle professional hands. we love her at our bedside!
she has such a pleasant manner. looking back on our pregnancy and all we’ve gone through wouldn’t have been the same she brings in such positivity in the room, each appointment with her is such a lovely experience and such a treat- we feel so lucky having her!! I feel she has a great understanding of the physical and emotional needs, she looks after the wellbeing of you and your baby. I highly recommend her to whoever is looking for a kind professional doctor! I’m looking forward to my appointment with her tomorrow!

We had an appointment with Dr Gergana Peeva today and she was brilliant: explained everything to us, discussed with us all the questions we had, and, most importantly, gave us really helpful advice on birthing options which put my wife at ease and reassured both of us. We were just so happy after the appointment. She made our day!

Dr. Peeva was my consultant during an ultrasound scan after they suspected an issue with my baby’s heart development. Her and her entire team were amazing at calming my nerves and turning what would’ve otherwise been a very stressful situation into something manageable. She made me feel reassured and had a great sense of humour. She was thorough in her examination too. I would definitely recommend her services and those of her team.

Dr Gergana Peeva was so experienced and helpful. She put my mind to rest and also gave me interesting and useful information about my body in pregnancy.

Dr Peeva is an excellent, thorough, professional, caring obstetrician with great communication skills – always ready to explain the most complex medical terms even with the use of diagrams. I met Dr. Peeva after my 20 week scan, I was diagnosed with Vasa and placenta previa. It was a scary moment on my pregnancy journey especially given my previous high risk pregnancies. Dr Peeva and her team were amazing in reassuring me and managing the complications with detailed and thorough scans coupled with her great sense of humour. Even for a condition with no treatment, her management of the pregnancy was exceptional. I recommend her in strongest terms.

Baby Gallery

Throughout my career I have had the honour to be part of many pregnancy journeys. With a great joy I share with you pictures of the babies who meant a lot to me!