I support women at all stages of their pregnancy by offering advice and pregnancy consultations, ultrasound examinations and comprehensive maternity care packages. I believe in individualised care that suit the needs and expectation of each patient. 

My areas of expertise

  • Low-risk and high-risk obstetric care 
  • Maternal complications in pregnancy such as diabetes, obstetric cholestasis and high blood pressure
  • Fetal medicine expertise and pregnancy ultrasound
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Preterm birth
  • Abnormal Fetal Growth
  • Pregnancy after previous caesarean section
  • Aesthetic caesarean section

Benefits of Private Maternity Care

Private maternity care allows you to choose an experienced consultant obstetrician who will care for you throughout your pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period. There are many benefits of private obstetric care:

    • continuity of care allowing to establish a strong and personal relationship with your doctor
    • reassuring environment to empower you to tailor your pregnancy care together with your consultant according to your expectations
    • Round the hour direct access to an experienced consultant in any emergency
    • delivery and full responsibility for your care by the consultant obstetrician of your choice
    • perfect opportunity to get to know your new arrival in a comfortable, friendly and safe environment


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